Spinlock Price List 2005
品  番 品     名 定 価
ATCU-LVR Custom lever for throttle control 9,780
ATCU/1 Winch Handle Operated Throttle Control Unit 26,600
ATCU/1TX ATCU Including TX Remote Control Unit 83,600
ATCU/1TX+ ATCU/1TX plus lever 88,700
B50 50mm Jammer Turning Block 8,400
B63 Jammer block single 63mm 16,600
B63/M Turning Block 63mm 15,800
B75 Jammer Turning Block 75mm 24,900
B75/D B75 Double 48,200
B75/M Turning Block 75mm 23,700
BE-RET BE Retail Container inc stock 45,900
BE06 Bullseye 6mm Guide 830
BE06-OEMBOX Bullseye 6mm Guide Unpackaged 24,800
BE06-RET Pre packed 20 x BE06 Bullseye 6mm Guide 16,600
BE10 Bullseye 10mm Guide 880
BE10-OEMBOX Bullseye 10mm Guide Unpackaged 26,400
BE10-RET Pre packed 15 x BE10 Bullseye 10mm Guide 13,200
BE12 Bullseye 12mm Guide 930
BE12-OEMBOX Bullseye 12mm Guide Unpackaged 27,900
BE12-RET Pre packed 15 x BE12 Bullseye 12mm Guide 14,000
BE16 Bullseye 16mm Guide 1,080
BE16-OEMBOX Bullseye 16mm Guide Unpackaged 32,600
BE16-RET Pre packed 5 x BE16 Bullseye 16mm Guide 5,410
BL-LEAD Low friction through deck lead 6,050
BRS-STROP Webbing strop for blocks 2,340
BRS/50 Jammer Spinnaker block (50mm sheave) 14,800
BRS/63 Jammer Spinnaker block (63mm Sheave) 22,800
CAM-0608 Cam Module (for 6-8mm) 6,630
CAM-0814 Cam Module (8 - 14mm) 6,630
CAM-0812L Cam Module (lock-up Version) 9,270
CAM-1216 Cam Module (for 14-16mm) 7,960
CAM-1214L Cam Module (lock-up Version) 10,600
CAM-XAS XAS Cam Module (6-12mm) also XA 2,570
CAM-XCS1216B Cam Module (for 12-16mm) in XCS (black) 10,600
CS02 Green Socket 3,780
CS06 Universal Swivel Joint 8,160
CS411 Green Button 1,080
CS460 CS06, plastic fitting only 3,090
DX-EBM Powervang External Boom Fitting 25,700
DX-IBM Powervang Internal Boom Fitting 25,700
DX-JMP Powervang Jammer Plates 4,830
DX-LUGSET DX/VX Mast Fitting Lug Only with Nut & Bolt 7,570
DX-MST DX/VX Mast Fitting 17,700
E-BUTTON Control Button 1,080
E-CLIP Tiller Clip 3E028A. 1,290
E-DIABOLO Full Universal Joint 'Solo' 13,200
E-FASTPIN Swivel Joint Release Pin 3,280
E-GRIP Tube Sleeve Grip 4,790
E-JOINT Full Swivel Joint with Fastpin 8,160
E-SHOCK Shock Absorber 1,550
E-SLEEVE Full Length Replacement Sleeve 4,300
EA-HDL A-symmetric handle module 9,500
EA/1200DS A-symmetric extension 'Solo' 36,300
EA/1200S A-symmetric extension silver 29,700
EA/1600S A-symmetric extension silver 39,800
EA/2000S A-symmetric extension silver 49,400
EA/900DS A-symmetric extension 'Solo' 34,500
EA/900S A-symmetric extension silver 28,000
EA/900SG A-symmetric extension silver with E-GRIP 32,900
EJ-HDL Joystick handle module 7,120
EJ/1200DS Joystick extension 'Solo' 28,700
品  番 品     名 定 価
EJ/1200S Joystick extension silver 22,300
EJ/1600S Joystick extension silver 29,800
EJ/2000S Joystick extension silver 37,000
EJ/900DS Joystick extension 'Solo' 27,300
EJ/900S Joystick extension silver 21,000
PD/10 Pad-eye 10mm (17-4PH Stainless) 47,600
PD/10F Pad-eye 10mm (17-4PH Stainless);4 fastener model 49,700
PD/12F Pad-eye 12mm (17-4PH Stainless);4 fastener model 68,900
PD/16F Pad-eye 16mm (17-4PH Stainless);4 fastener model 136,000
PD/6 Pad-eye 6mm (17-4PH Stainless) 12,000
PD/6F Pad-eye 6mm (17-4PH Stainless): 4 fastener model 14,000
PD/8 Pad-eye 8mm (17-4PH Stainless) 17,600
PD/8F Pad-eye 8mm (17-4PH Stainless);4 fastener model 19,800
PX-AP0308 PX0308 Adaptor Plate 1,500
PX-AP0812 PX0812 Adaptor plate 1,500
PX-BLOCK Block Adaptor Kit for PX0812 1,850
PX-BRACKET Mast mount bracket for PX0308/PX0812 6,500
PX-CAM0308 PX0308 ALLOY Cam Assembly 1,620
PX-CAM0812 PX0812 ALLOY Cam Assembly 1,620
PX-CG0308 Cage for PX0308 Cleat 1,340
PX-CG0812 Cage for PX0812 Cleat 1,340
PX-TAG Coloured ID tags (Blue,Magenta,Gold)both sizes 840
PX-W0308 PX0308 Wedge Kit 840
PX-W0308-BOX PX0308 Wedge Kit x 30 boxed 25,100
PX-W0812 PX0812 Wedge Kit 840
PX0308-OEMBOX PX0308/1 x 30 OEM Box 172,000
PX0308-RETBOX PX0308/1 x 30 Retail Box 181,000
PX0308/1 PX single for 3-8mm 6,000
PX0308/BT PX0308 Cleat assembled with Mast Mount Bracket 12,500
PX0308/CG PX0308 Cleat with Cage 7,390
PX0308/SW PX0308 Cleat with swivel base 8,690
PX0308/VP PX0308 Cleat with Vertical Pivot 9,520
PX0812-OEMBOX PX0812/1 x 30 OEM Box 203,000
PX0812-RETBOX PX0812/1 x 30 Retail Box 213,000
PX0812/1 PX single for 8-12mm 7,120
PX0812/BT PX0812 Cleat assembled with Mast Mount Bracket 13,600
PX0812/CG PX0812 Cleat with Cage 8,460
PX0812/SW PX0812 Cleat with Swivel Base 10,400
PXB0812 PX0812 with Block Adaptor 8,540
RF/H New Headsail Feeder 11,600
RF/H2 New Double Headsail Feeder 55,300
RF/M Mainsail Feeder 13,300
RF/MA Adjustable Mainsail Feeder 12,500
RS-SWG3-16 Replacement swage for RS/3-16 7,230
RS-SWG4 Replacement swage for RS/4 7,230
RS-SWG5 Replacement swage for RS/5 7,230
RS/3-16 Complete Calibrated Adjustable Swage-Turnbuckle 28,700
RS/4 Calibrated Adjustable Swage-Turnbuckle 28,700
RS/5 Calibrated Adjustable Swage-Turnbuckle 28,700
SA16 XA Handle 1,690
SA29 XA Spring Arm 1,680
SC-SEAL Seacock Seal Kit 5,440
SC/075 Seacock 0.75" diameter 71,900
SC/100 Seacock 1.0" Diameter 73,500
SC/150 Seacock 1.5" diameter 74,900
SUA/1 New Single Manual Stopper 6,700
SUA/2 New Double Manual Stopper 10,800
SUA/3 New Triple Manual Stopper 14,400
T38-A T38 Alloy Sheave(38mm dia) 3,400
T38-C T38 Acetal Sheave (38mm Dia) 1,130
T38/2 Smallboat 2 Sheave Deck Organiser 4,880
T38/2Y Smallboat 2 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 4,880
T38/3 Smallboat 3 Sheave Deck Organiser 6,040
T38/3Y Smallboat 3 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 6,040
品  番 品     名 定 価
T38/4 Smallboat 4 Sheave Deck Organiser 4,650
T38/4Y Smallboat 4 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 4,650
T38/5 Smallboat 5 Sheave Deck Organiser 9,090
T38/5Y Smallboat 5 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 9,090
T38/6 Smallboat 6 Sheave Deck Organiser 10,400
T38/6Y Smallboat 6 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 10,400
T50-A T50 Alloy Sheave (50mm dia) 3,970
T50-C T50 Acetal Sheave (50mm dia) 1,510
T50/2 Mid-size 2 Sheave Deck Organiser 6,590
T50/2Y Mid-size 2 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 6,590
T50/3 Mid-size 3 Sheave Deck Organiser 8,370
T50/3Y Mid-size 3 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 8,370
T50/4 Mid-size 4 Sheave Deck Organiser 10,400
T50/4Y Mid-size 4 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 10,400
T50/5 Mid-size 5 Sheave Deck Organiser 12,400
T50/5Y Mid-size 5 Sheave Assymetric Deck Organiser 12,400
T50/6 Mid-size 6 Sheave Deck Organiser 14,300
T50/6Y Mid-size 6 Sheave Asymetric Deck Organiser 14,300
TA11 TA Metal Sheave 3,970
TA17 TA Acetal Sheave 1,510
TB11 TB Metal Sheave 3,790
TB17 TB Acetal Sheave 1,250
TC50/2 High Load Deck Organiser 2 Sheave (40'+) 28,700
TC50/2D Double Stack High Load Organiser 4 Sheave  (40'+) 45,600
TC50/2DY Double Stack High Load Assymetric Organiser 4 Sheave  (40'+) 45,600
TC50/2Y High Load Assymetric Deck Organiser 2 Sheave (40'+) 28,700
TC50/3 High Load 3 Sheave Deck Organiser (40'+) 37,100
TC50/3D Double Stack 6 Sheave High Load Organiser (40'+) 57,100
TC50/3DY Double Stack 6 Sheave High Load Assymetric Organiser (40'+) 57,100
TC50/3Y High Load Assymetric Deck Organiser 3 Sheave (40'+) 37,100
TC50/4 High Load 4 Sheave Deck Organiser (40'+) 44,100
TC50/4D Double Stack 8 Sheave High Load Organiser (40'+) 70,500
TC50/4DY Double Stack 8 Sheave High Load Assymetric Organiser (40'+) 70,500
TC50/4Y High Load Assymetric Deck Organiser 4 Sheave (40'+) 44,100
TC50/5 High Load 5 Sheave Deck Organiser (40'+) 51,000
TC50/5Y High Load Assymetric Deck Organiser 5 Sheave (40'+) 51,000
TC50/6 High Load 6 Sheave Deck Organiser (40'+) 56,800
TC50/6Y High Load Assymetric Deck Organiser 6 Sheave (40'+) 56,800
TWF-BARL Winchfeeder pair crossbar  (100mm) 3,730
TWF-BARS Winchfeeder pair crossbar (75mm) 3,730
TWF-RET Winchfeeder retaining clip 4,560
TWF/50M Winchfeeder Sheave (Metal) 10,300
TWF/63M Winchfeeder Sheave (Metal) 13,700
VX-COLL VX Lock Collar Unit 14,600
VX/1305 Powervang VX 108,000
VX/1505 Powervang VX 115,000
VX/950 Powervang VX 105,000
WL/1 Stanchion Lead Bullseye 1,920
WL/1*20 Stanchion Lead Bullseye 27,900
WL/1*20R Stanchion Lead Bullseye x 20 Packaged 33,000
WL/2 Stanchion Lead Block 4,050
WL/2*20 Stanchion Lead Block 67,100
WL/2*20R Stanchion Lead Block x 20 Packaged 73,700
X-BASE Replacement Base XT, XC, XR, XTS and XCS 2,650
X-HDL XTS Aluminium Handle (Black) 2,870
X-HDLB Aluminium Handle (Black) 2,870
X-HDLG Aluminium Handle (Grey) 2,870
X-LBL Clutch Handle Labels (XAS,XT)- retail 680
X-SIDE Side Fairings (Pair) 2,890
X-SMNT Side Mounting Kit 3,990
XA-SIDE XA Side Fairings (Pair) 3,260
XA/1 Single XA Rope Clutch 10,200
XAS-BASE0408 XAS base Module (4-8mm) also XA 2,570
XAS-HDL XAS Handle 1,870
XAS-SIDE New XAS Side Fairings (Pair) 3,620
品  番 品     名 定 価
XAS-SMNT Side Mounting Kit for New XAS 7,030
XAS-TAG Coloured Handle Inserts (X 4) 2,570
XAS/DEMO XAS Display Sample 10,700
XAS0408/1 Single XAS Rope Clutch 4-8mm 10,700
XAS0408/2 Double XAS Rope Clutch 4-8mm 18,900
XAS0408/3 Triple XAS Rope Clutch 4-8mm 29,500
XAS0408/HP XAS0408 rope clutch horizontal version (Port) 15,700
XAS0408/HS XAS0408 rope clutch horizontal version (Starboard) 15,700
XAS0612/1 Single XAS Rope Clutch 6-12mm 10,700
XAS0612/1BOX OEM box of 80 XAS0612/1 842,000
XAS0612/1M XAS0612/1  rope clutch kit for continuous line 12,500
XAS0612/2 Double XAS Rope Clutch Double 6-12mm 18,900
XAS0612/2BOX OEM box of 50 XAS0612/2 935,000
XAS0612/2M XAS0612/2  rope clutch kit for continuous line 21,800
XAS0612/3 Triple XAS Rope Clutch 6-12mm 29,500
XAS0612/3BOX OEM box of 36 XAS0612/3 1,054,000
XAS0612/4 Quadruple XAS Rope Clutch 37,900
XAS0612/5 Quintet XAS Rope Clutch 6-12mm 50,600
XAS0612/HP XAS0612 rope clutch horizontal version (Port) 15,700
XAS0612/HS XAS0612  rope clutch horizontal version (Starboard) 15,700
XCS-SMNT Side Mounting Kit XCS 3,990
XCS0608/1B Single XCS0608; Black Sides 30,300
XCS0608/1S Single silver XCS0608 30,300
XCS0608/1W Single XCS0608 - Small Diameter Cam 27,500
XCS0608/2B Double XCS0608; Black Sides 52,600
XCS0608/2S Double Silver XCS0608 52,600
XCS0608/2W Double XCS0608- Small Diameter Cam 49,900
XCS0608/3B Triple XCS0608; Black Sides 74,200
XCS0608/3S Triple  Silver XCS0608 74,200
XCS0608/3W Triple XCS0608 - Small Diameter Cam 71,500
XCS0608/HPB XCS0608 Horizontal version (Port) Black 35,300
XCS0608/HPS XCS0608 Horizontal version (Port) Silver 35,300
XCS0608/HPW XCS0608 Horizontal version (Port) 32,500
XCS0608/HSB XCS0608 Horizontal version (Starboard) Black 35,300
XCS0608/HSS XCS0608 Horizontal version (Starboard) Silver 35,300
XCS0608/HSW XCS0608 Horizontal version (Starboard) 32,500
XCS0814/1B Single XCS0814; Black Sides 30,300
XCS0812/1LB XCS Black with Lock Open Cam 32,900
XCS0812/1LS XCS Silver with Lock Open Cam 32,900
XCS0812/1LW XCS0814/1W with lock-up cam 30,200
XCS0814/1S Single silver XCS0814 30,300
XCS0814/1W Single XCS0814 Rope Clutch 27,500
XCS0814/2B Double XCS0814; Black Sides 52,600
XCS0814/2S Double Silver XCS0814 52,600
XCS0814/2W Double XCS0814 Rope Clutch 49,900
XCS0814/3B Triple XCS0814; Black Sides 74,200
XCS0814/3S Triple  Silver XCS0814 74,200
XCS0814/3W Triple XCS0814 Rope Clutch 71,500
XCS0814/HPB XCS0814 Horizontal version (Port) Black 35,300
XCS0814/HPS XCS0814 Horizontal version (Port) Silver 35,300
XCS0814/HPW XCS0814 Horizontal version (Port) 32,500
XCS0814/HSB XCS0814 Horizontal version (Starboard) Black 35,300
XCS0814/HSS XCS0814 Horizontal version (Starboard) Silver 35,300
XCS0814/HSW XCS0814 Horizontal version (Starboard) 32,500
XCS0812/LHPW XCS0814 Horizontal (Port) with lock-up cam 35,200
XCS0812/LHSW XCS0814 Horizontal (Starboard) with lock-up cam 35,200
XCS1216/1B Single XCS1216 Rope Clutch Black 31,600
XCS1214/1LS XCS1216/1S with lock-up cam 38,700
XCS1214/1LW XCS1216/1 with lock open cam 31,500
XCS1216/1W Single XCS1216 Rope Clutch 28,800
XCS1216/2W Double XCS1216 Rope Clutch 52,500
XCS1216/3W Triple XCS1216 Rope Clutch 75,500
XTS-SIDE XTS Side Fairings (Pair) 2,880
XTS-SMNT Side Mounting Kit XTS 3,990
XTS0608/1 Single XTS0608 - Small Diameter Clutch 18,800
品  番 品     名 定 価
XTS0608/1M XTS0608/1 for endless lines 21,400
XTS0608/2 Double XTS0608 - Small Diameter Clutch 33,200
XTS0608/3 Triple XTS - Small Diameter Clutch 48,500
XTS0608/HP XTS0608 Horizontal version (Port) 23,800
XTS0608/HS XTS0608 Horizontal version (Starboard) 23,800
XTS0814/1 Single XTS Rope Clutch 18,800
XTS0814/1-BOX OEM box of 48 XTS0814/1 894,000
XTS0812/1L XTS0814/1 with lock-up cam 24,100
XTS0814/1M XTS0814/1 rope clutch kit for continuous line 21,300
XTS0814/2 Double XTS0814 Rope Clutch 33,200
XTS0814/2-BOX OEM box of 24 XTS0814/2 793,000
XTS0814/2M XTS0814/2 rope clutch kit with split bullseye for continuous line 37,800
XTS0814/3 Triple XTS0814 Rope Clutch 48,500
XTS0814/3-BOX OEM box of 18 XTS0814/3 870,000
XTS0814/3M XTS Triple Clutch for endless lines 55,700
XTS0814/4 Quadruple XTS0814 Rope Clutch 65,800
XTS0814/5 Quintet XTS0814 Rope Clutch 83,100
XTS0814/HP XTS0814/1 Horizontal version (Port) 23,800
XTS0814/HS XTS0814/1 Horizontal version (Starboard) 23,800
XTS1214/1L XTS with Lock open Cam for 12 and 14mm lines 24,100
XX-SMNT Sidemount Kit for XX0812 14,700
XX0812 Powerclutch XX0812 - now with high strength handle 63,400
XX0812+ Powerclutch XX0812 with TORLON rollers 100,000
XX0812-HDL XX0812 Silver Handle Assembly 23,000
XX0812-HDLB XX0812 Black Handle Assembly (high strength) 23,000
XX0812-HDLB+ XX0812 High strength Black Handle Assembly 23,000
XX0812-JAW XX0812 Jaw Assembly 26,000
XX0812-JAW+ XX0812+ Jaw Assembly (Torlon) 48,600
XX0812-MLDG XX0812 Spare Moulding Set 8,870
XX0812-ROLL XX0812 replacement PEEK caged rollers (pair) 9,400
XX0812-ROLL+ XX0812 replacement TORLON caged rollers (pair) 46,300
XX0812-SMNT Powerclutch XX0812 with sidemount kit (fitted with high strength handle) 78,000
ZL1624 Lineparker 16 - 24mm 97,000
ZS-JAW08 ZS0810 Jaw Assembly 67,200
ZS-JAW10C ZS1014C Jaw Assembly 109,000
ZS-JAW12 ZS1214 Jaw Assembly 112,000
ZS-JAW12D ZS1214 Jaw Assembly, Old 112,000
ZS-JAW16 ZS1618 Jaw Assembly 134,000
ZS-JAW16D ZS1618 Jaw Assembly,Old 134,000
ZS-JAW18 ZS1824C Jaw Assembly 162,000
ZS-MNT0810 Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS0810 34,300
ZS-MNT1014C Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS1014C 40,400
ZS-MNT1214 Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS1214 37,500
ZS-MNT1618 Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS1618 45,900
ZS-MNT1618C Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS1618C 55,500
ZS-MNT1824C Optional Alloy ZS Mounting Plate for ZS1824C 100,000
ZS-SPG08 Spring Set ZS0810 5,600
ZS-SPG12 Spring Set ZS1214 8,960
ZS-SPG16 Spring Set ZS1618 14,300
ZS0810 ZS Jammer 8mm - 10mm 140,000
ZS0810/OPEN Open sided ZS0810 222,000
ZS1014/OPEN Open sided ZS1014 400,000
ZS1014C Carbon ZS Maxi Jammer 10-14mm 548,000
ZS1214 ZS Jammer 12mm - 14mm 239,000
ZS1416/OPEN Open sided ZS1416 556,000
品  番 品     名 定 価
ZS1618 ZS Jammer 16mm - 18mm 334,000
ZS1618/OPEN Open sided ZS1618 645,000
ZS1618C Carbon ZS Maxi Jammer 16-18mm 778,000
ZS1824C Carbon ZS Maxi Jammer 18-24mm 978,000